The Blue Sphere

Among the various energy tools and healing methods I have received, the Blue Sphere holds a special place in my heart. It is a transmission from Sirius designed to reactivate encoded information within our DNA. This information reveals your connection with Sirius and the true history of Earth.

Through a direct transmission from the Sirian Archangels of Light, the Blue Sphere allows you to access its high frequency. Some of its effects include achieving peace, a calm mind, and shifting your brainwaves to the Gamma state (the state of divine consciousness). It facilitates healing of the emotional system, including traumas, inner child wounds, and lost connections.

There are two levels of activation and initiation available to everyone. If you wish to receive the first initiation, please contact me. The second initiation will be available after a minimum of six months, during which you have accessed the frequency of the Blue Sphere and facilitated the transmission for others as well.

The Blue Sphere Technology

The Blue Sphere represents an ancient technology that is now once again accessible to you. We have developed a healing device that contains zinc, copper, specific crystals, gold leafs, and other powerful tools and substances. This device facilitates the opening of chakras, reactivates the full information stored in your DNA, and incorporates all the qualities mentioned above. 

To acquire the device, please contact me privately.


Over the years, we have trained and initiated a group of dedicated individuals who are committed to bringing the energy of Sirius closer to your heart. Some of them have embarked on their own projects and have achieved remarkable results, receiving positive testimonials from those they have assisted.

If you are interested in getting in touch with a facilitator, please don’t hesitate to contact them through the following means:

You can now book a 30 minutes session with one of them which is offered to you on donation basis.