Public Events

Every Monday from 7 to 8 p.m. CET, I conduct online guided meditation, which I have been doing for over three years. It is free, and you are warmly invited to join!

On Thursdays, I channel various sources of information such as the 9th-dimensional Pleiadian Collective, the High Council of Ascended Masters, the 9th-dimensional Arcturian Council, and the Sirian Archangels of Light.

The topics covered vary greatly depending on what they wish to teach. I may channel Thoth on the subjects of immortality and resurrection, or Mary Magdalene, who will invite you to activate the sacred ley line of Rose across the planet or share a transmission that offers the gift of “invisibility.” These transmissions are spontaneous and surprising, and everyone is welcome to participate.

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Dear ones, I have created this presentation for our beautiful water ceremonies to provide clear guidance on our goals and how to create such a ceremony. Please share it with others and invite your friends to join us so we can bless the waters of our beloved Gaia together. You can access the presentation by clicking the picture above. Thank you so much for being a part of this. Your light uplifts us all.🙏🏼

I am so happy to announce the creation of our presentation about the Mastery School, which is, in fact, a reflection of a school that exists in the astral realm. If you are interested in joining our private group on Telegram, please: Review the presentation to determine if your intentions and purposes align with ours. Please feel free to share it further, and invite your friends to join if they wish to. If you or your friends decide to join, kindly send us a private message explaining your wish and the reasons behind it in a few lines. Thank you so much!

We meet twice a week in the early morning to uplift our vibration.
Come and join us! Please register by using the contact form on the website.
Thank you very much.🙏🏼

Let’s take this captivating  journey together as we practice various exercises aimed at honing our extraordinary abilities. In our upcoming session, I will initiate a connection with the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective at the start of our meeting to seek their guidance on telekinesis – the psychic skill that empowers individuals to influence physical systems without any physical contact. This time, our focus will be on influencing the water element, exploring ways to alter its structure. 

This session is graciously provided under the guidance of the Mastery School, and we extend a warm invitation to everyone to join us. Your active participation in our live gathering is highly encouraged, as it enhances the collective experience and promotes more effective practice. Many incredible discoveries have already been made, and there are so many more opportunities for further exploration. Recordings are also available after each session. Please register through the contact form on our website.🙏🏼

How we develop our sixth sense. Please prepare yourself by doing the exercises of preparation. We meet today at 6 p.m. UK for the MindSight training. Please feel free to share it with your friends and other people who might wish to join us.

Hi everyone. I have created this presentation about the “Uplift your vibration” morning practice that takes place every Monday and Tuesday at 6 a.m. UK. Recordings are available also.
Everyone is very welcome to join!


Spiritual Tours

Avebury and Glastonbury, United Kinkdom

Avebury holds significant cosmic connections as one of the primary gateways on our planet. It is a serene and breathtaking location with a rich history. The land itself carries multidimensional qualities, offering a unique opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in high frequencies and connect with their cosmic family through its portal.

In close proximity to Avebury lies Silbury Hill, where an ancient man-made pyramid was constructed. This pyramid is said to contain an extraterrestrial base within it, and although access to the pyramid is currently unavailable due to its burial beneath the earth, its powerful energy can be felt from afar. During our time together, I invite you to establish a connection with Silbury Hill and the network of pyramids that span across the Earth. Through this connection, you can tap into their ancient wisdom and knowledge. We will also embark on a visit to Glastonbury, known as the heart chakra of Europe, where we will walk in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene and the disciples of Jesus following his departure from Earth. Together, we will ascend the Tor and experience the enchantment of Glastonbury through its mystical hills and forests.

Each morning, we will engage in energizing exercises such as breathing techniques, Kundalini rising, and meditation to quiet the mind. Guided meditations and activations will be tailored to the specific places we visit, enhancing our spiritual journey.

Accommodation options for the retreat include either sharing a room or opting for a single room in a shared villa. We strive to provide ample sanitary facilities and a spacious kitchen to ensure your comfort during your stay. Throughout the retreat, I kindly request that you maintain a light and healthy diet, primarily consisting of raw foods. In the evenings, before retiring for the night, we will have the opportunity to participate in a guided meditation session.

The total cost of the retreat is aprox. £400 (depending on your choice for the accomodation), which covers accommodation, all meditations, and transportation via a bus to the Avebury and Glastonbury areas.

Our accommodation will be situated in Box, a charming and peaceful town located one hour away from Avebury. It is owned by a sincere and dedicated energy worker who has created a space filled with heartfelt energy.

I sincerely hope you can join me on these transformative retreats. The dates will be available here throughout the year. Please let me know if you have any further questions or require additional information.