We are here to support each other and make the teachings available to everyone.

We are also here to empower each other and remind ourselves that we are the unlimited, unbounded Self.

For 111 Euros per month, an individual session in which I channel for you will be offered. The aim of the monthly sessions is to support your evolution on Earth and beyond it. You will receive guidance, and answers will be provided. The beautiful cosmic energies are meant to help you maintain a strong determination to improve your habits, practice meditation, and learn to live at ease, flowing with life and being taken care of.

The Membership will also give you access to all our events: weekly meditations, channelings, and training for you to continue being in a high vibration. These events include online meetings on Zoom exploring a variety of topics, initiations, and activations. They also include two morning practices per week: breathwork, yoga, and light-guided meditations.

The training that we have offered until now and will continue to offer includes subjects like Remote Viewing, Telepathy, Spontaneous Manifestation, how to shift to higher timelines, lucid dreaming, and the practice of meditation, among much more.

My attention goes to teaching people how to channel, so they can remember who they truly are and move beyond identification with the mind and physical body. One is a multidimensional being, and through channeling, one can remember their dimensionality. Therefore, quite often, trainings on this specific topic will be offered.

Special bonus: One session of Reading the Akashic Records is included in the Membership. For more information about what it means to open your Akashic Field, please check the presentation here:

Please note that Spiritual tours or products are not included in the Membership.

Free spaces for those experiencing real financial problems and opportunities for volunteering are offered periodically.

Donating: Donations are always received with love and gratitude. If you wish and have the opportunity to donate more than for the membership, your donation will provide free places for those who are not able to pay. Let’s take this journey together and support each other in the best way possible, evaluating our possibilities.

If everything goes as I dream, a percentage of your donations will be kept each month for a Romanian NGO that provides shelter for hundreds of animals. In this way, your help will support many. Here, we are all equal and in love with animals and the animal spirits. More details about this topic are coming soon.

🌐 Access to all events, including channeling training and two weekly morning practices

🎁 Bonus: Opening the sacred Field of the Akasha

💶 111 Euros/month. New Member bonus: First month 11 Euros (renews automatically at 111 Euros/month thereafter).

Individual sessions are available to be purchased separately through Orkyl.

🐾 Helping us, helping others: Your membership payment will support further an animal shelter in Romania, my beloved home country.
More details coming soon.

 Thank you for Being!