Mastery School

Recently, I was guided to establish a school called “The Mastery School.” The High Council of Ascended Masters and the energy of the Divine Mother, whom I now channel, have provided me with guidance to bring this school to you all, with the intention of infusing light into even the darkest corners of the planet.

I have received new teachings and training from masters such as Mary Magdalene, St. Germain, Thoth, Quan Yin, and other ascended masters. I have learned how to access various energy fields and their frequencies and offer information derived from those specific frequencies.

The teachings of The Mastery School aim to reintroduce ancient wisdom on Earth and uncover forgotten ancient technologies. They are available to any individual who is ready to remember them. Our purpose is to show you where the information already resides within you and how to access it.


Under the guidance of the High Council of Ascended Masters and the Divine Mother, I provide trainings where I teach people how to channel by accessing altered states of mind. These trainings are not limited to those inclined towards spirituality but are open to anyone who desires to learn how to deeply relax and connect with the subconscious mind to access information.

Telepathy, remote viewing, and spontaneous manifestation are some of the skills we love to train. We demonstrate that the information is already within you, ready to be accessed. We teach you how to rediscover the connection between the mind and matter. We have developed a series of enjoyable exercises and tasks that can also be practiced with friends, family, and others.