Individual Sessions

If you`re eager on a transformative journey with me through an exclusive one-on-one session, I invite you to reserve your spot at
Your request will be given the utmost attention, and whenever the stars align for our meeting, it will be my pleasure to arrange it for you.

You are also encouraged to explore the high-energy tools for awakening that I was guided to create for you on the same platform. There, you will find Light Codes, Mary Magdalene’s sacred scent, and the amazing Blue Sphere, which nurtures you with Sirian energy.

My mission

“I am that which I am,” and my mission is to remind you that “What you are looking for is where you are looking from” (Francisc D’Assisi). I am here as a vessel for cosmic energy to flow through and bring relief to you. Through channeling, I provide you with the opportunity to discover your true nature. 

I am passionate about supporting you through meditation practices, mind monitoring, spontaneous manifestation, telepathy, and remote viewing. However, above all, I am here to infuse the state of presence within you. We are Consciousness itself, not the veil of thoughts, emotions, or the illusion of personal identity or the physical body. 

All these elements simply appear and disappear on the screen of awareness. Peace is our true and natural state of being. We return to it when we cease identifying with what we are not. To guide you back home, we have developed a set of tools and technologies. Once you are home, you will realize that you had never truly left. This journey is a beautiful paradox.