Channeling became a part of my life through a strong determination and love for truth. I prayed for guidance and to remain connected with the spiritual realm while continuing my meditation practice. It so happened that I started channeling. My first contact was with the angelic realm and the light beings who had taken care of me during long periods of fasting, where I shed layers upon layers of what I was not.

Later on, while walking a sacred path in my beloved native country, Romania, I suddenly heard and saw, from within, a peaceful community of people dressed in brown robes near a body of water. I remembered them as my family from a distant star called Mintaka, located on the belt of Orion. Their emotions and longing for me to return home touched my heart deeply.

Continuing on the same path, I felt another vibration and heard a different voice. This time, it was a group of Pleiadian beings attempting to connect with me. The transmission was clear and very surprising since I had never heard of Pleiadians before. They informed me that we had a contract together, assuming that I would receive their messages and make them available to humanity. I initially declined, stating that my sole interest was in meditation and dedicating my life to it, remaining empty of any concept or form. A few months later, I had the great opportunity to listen to Nora Harold channeling the 9th dimensional Pleiadian Collective. Once again, I felt at home. The energy was warm and heartfelt, and their teachings resonated with my heart. Shortly after, I received my first transmission from them.

The 9th dimensional Pleiadian Collective is comprised of 26 light beings who joined together with the intention of bringing forth “The New Earth,” a high vibrational timeline to which they hoped to transition as many people as possible. They trained me for a year, leading to significant changes in my lifestyle and way of thinking. They would connect with me, pointing out any negative thought and teaching me how to access altered states of mind (Alpha, Theta, Gamma, Delta) and shift my brainwaves to any desired frequency.

After a while, they deemed me ready to share their messages with the public. I was pleasantly surprised by the impact these messages had on people and the high number of responses received. Thus, I delved deeper into channeling, feeling one with those who guided me.

Due to my genuine interest and love for science, and with the immense cosmic support I received, I had an Electroencephalography (EEG) conducted to scan my brain and observe what happens when I channel. The results were astounding. Firstly, I discovered that when I closed my eyes and immediately began channeling, my brainwaves shifted directly and swiftly from the Beta state into Theta, a state that would be sustained throughout the entire transmission.

As The 9th dimensional Pleiadian Collective had told me, I also found out that the area responsible for thinking showed no activity while I was speaking. The nurse who conducted the EEG informed me that this was highly unusual, as this specific area is typically active during speech. Additionally, another specific area of my brain, associated with translation, was active instead. It remained active even when I channeled in my native language. I knew that my brain translates the vibration into language. Although I understood the reason for this, I had yet to comprehend how my brain accomplishes the translation process.

My Mission

“I am that which I am,” and my mission is to remind you that “What you are looking for is where you are looking from” (Francisc D’Assisi). I am here as a vessel for cosmic energy to flow through and bring relief to you. Through channeling, I provide you with the opportunity to discover your true nature. I am passionate about supporting you through meditation practices, mind monitoring, spontaneous manifestation, telepathy, and remote viewing. However, above all, I am here to infuse the state of presence within you.

We are Consciousness itself, not the veil of thoughts, emotions, or the illusion of personal identity or the physical body. All these elements simply appear and disappear on the screen of awareness. Peace is our true and natural state of being. We return to it when we cease identifying with what we are not. To guide you back home, we have developed a set of tools and technologies. 

Once you are home, you will realize that you had never truly left. This journey is a beautiful paradox.