Recorded digital offerings are available from this page. The light beings involved in the transmissions remain just as active to those watching recorded content. 

Welcome, everyone, to the 5th-dimensional reality in which everything manifests spontaneously, in almost no time. 

During this 4-day training, you will receive frequency codes for manifesting faster, and you will learn what stands between you and your dreams. Learn how to access frequency codes to clear any negative beliefs or fears that do not support your manifestation.

Think intentionally, but not only that – think big. Think as if you are not manifesting your dreams, but living in a dream where everything is entirely possible. The 9D Arcturian Council offers you intentional keys that unblock the mind by creating new neural pathways. The intentional keys function like a paradox that simply switches the mind to a new perceptual level.

When one has lived their entire life in a certain way due to the neural pathways that have been created and reinforced so many times, it is usually not easy to shift to new high vibrational visions and perspectives. However, by using the intentional keys and following the techniques given, the brain will access new frequency codes, starting to create new neural pathways that highly enhance your creativity, making space for a new reality to unfold.

Most of the ancient portals of Earth have been reopened with the help of lightworkers and many other extraterrestrials who have contributed to this Divine plan. At this time, the energy on Earth supports the integration of new frequency codes, dissolving the old tridimensional programs.

The entire “Divine Manifestation” training was channeled from the 9D Arcturian Council, who wishes to contribute to the expansion of human consciousness. Their invitation is to keep our hearts wide open and to trust that everything will work through us. Guidance will be provided accordingly.

We recommend watching one video of this training every day for 4 days, each evening for approximately one hour.

A link to a Vimeo playlist is provided after purchase via email.  Please allow 24 hours to receive the link.